Top 10 Tips for Effective Sales Techniques

Sales is very important to the success of any company. If a business gets it right, selling can become one of the most rewarding tasks that a person can undertake either as a business owner or an employee. There are a number of effective sales techniques that companies use to give their prospective clients every reason to say yes.

  • The Sales Intro

    Effective Sales Techniques

  1. Always Look the Part. Having a professional demeanor and appearance is very important for a salesperson. This is because the way that their potential customers perceive them is the first important step in selling their company’s services or products. If their prospects perceive them as well-spoken, knowledgeable and professional, they are more likely to be receptive to a company’s sales proposition.

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Successful sales techniques | How to be a good salesman?

The job of a good salesman is to achieve sales that have been given to him by his immediate boss. These targets are a result of all discussions that have taken place within the sales and marketing department. He does not determine the target though he may have given his suggestions as a part of his job. So how to be a good salesman? To be a good salesman, you need to know some successful sales techniques.

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The first requirement of a salesman is to know his clients. The first among successful sales techniques is to know the aim of the sales department in its sales efforts. This may be known through advertising that is being undertaken. Since it can be easily known within the company as they are all circulated prior to their release, this is the first among all successful sales techniques that we all can know and use. We talk in the same line as the company.

All salesmen get new accounts to sell to. There are special techniques for selling to any client. Knowing clients well is also among successful sales techniques that a good salesman must apply. If you do not know your client well, you can’t sell to them.
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Looking To Sell A Credit Card Terminal?

When the time comes to sell a credit card terminal it can be somewhat difficult to find the right place to sell such an item. By taking the right amount of time to figure out what is going to be expected of such a device and sale someone can figure out how to sell credit card terminal much easier. By moving forward with the right knowledge someone can save a lot of money in an effort to create some extra profit for them self. There is a very real need to ascertain the value of one’s device before making the sale. Taking the time to have a look at similar devices on the market can make for some very interesting opportunities to make a profit. Continue reading

PE Shrink Film

PE shrink film normally is used for bundling especially heavy products. We usually see this when it uses to bundle soft drink. Why PE is used instead of PVC or POF? Compared with PVC, PE is stronger in terms of puncture resistance. Compared with POF, PE is relatively cheap and printing on the film is possible.



How to shrinkwrap Hamper.

Normally we shrinkwrap Hamper by PVC shrinkable film. Of course, we can use Polyolefin if we want to help the environment. However, PVC is very easy to use. It normally is thickness (more than 25 micron) and when using the hot air blower, it is not easy to be torn. On the other hand, POF normally is 15 to 19 micron, if the operator is not familiar on the process, the changes to get the film torn is high.
PVC normally has better optic compared with POF, it is more glossy and make the hampers more presentable.

POF Shrink bags

Some packer does not want to invest on shrinkwrapping machine, they would ask the supplier to convert the POF shrink film from rolls form to bag forms. Shrink bags are used because:

1. Easy to use. the operators just insert the product into shrink bag, get the bottom sealed and put into shrink tunnel.
2. No high investment on the shrinkwrapping machine.
3. always get better finishing after the shrink tunnel. the bags can be cut into optimum sizes for shrinkwrapped.
However, they are some drawback on the shrink bags because:
1. The packers need to keep different sizes for different products. if each bags have MOQ, end up the packers need to stock a lot of different bags.
2. High man powers are needed to insert the products. very labour intensive.

Shrink Film Thickness

Polyolefin Shrink Film in Roll form

Normally Center Fold Polyolefin Shrink Film has a few standard thicknesses and lengths as below:

15 micron thickness X 1332m Length
19 micron thickness X 1067m Length
25 micron thickness X 800m Length

The combination of thickness and length makes the film roll has an outer diameter of 10″, which can fit into most of the Shrinkwrapping machines.

The following is the advantages and disadvantages of thiner and thicker films.

1. Thin Film ( 15 micron and below)

a) reduce carbon footprint. Better for the environment.
b) More economical. Cheaper cost / pack.
c) Longer in length, reduce machines changeover.
d) Longer in length, reduce inventory, less carton box and core.

2. Thicker film (19 micron and above)

a) stronger sealing strength
b) better tensile strength
c) Generally less static. Better machinerity.
d) Easier machine setting.

Polyolefin Shrink Film PP or PE based.

Polyolefin Shrink Film is a mixture of PP and PE material in the film. When PE is more in the film, it is normally called PE based shrink film. If the PP is more, it is called PP based. For those PE based polyolefin shrink film, cross-linked sometime is added so that the film has a better property in terms of tensile strength and sealing strength.

PP based polyolefin shrink film normally has better clarity and machinerity. The sealing time normally shorter and when there is a high speed requirement, PP based polyolefin shrink film is normally selected.