The Advantages and Disadvantages of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Shrink Film


  • Soft Shrink Capabilities – Lower Shrink tension.
  • Optics / Appearances – provides transparent clarity, gloss and sparkler, enhances product appearance.
  • Machineability – Stiffer film and easier to work on machine.
  • Work on Candles – Does not have wet look after shrinkwrapped.
  • Cheaper Price


  • Seal Integrity – Relatively weak heat sealing
  • Smoke / Odor – The fumes from the sealing is not healthy to workers.
  • Corrosive – The machine can get rusty easier.
  • Low Abuse Resistance – Easier break during handling / transportation.

Polyolefin’s characteristic between PE and PP film.

PolyolefinShrink Film has the characteristic betweeen Polyethylene and Polypropylene film.

Polythylene (PE)

  • Relatively soft
  • Might be cross-linked.
  • Higher Haze as more additives are required.
  • Better Elasticity and shrink memory.
  • More dwell time to seal. Limited speed capacity.

Polypropylene Film (PP Film)

  • Stiffer film and improve machineability.
  • Non cross-linked.
  • Better optic, adhession of ink, label.
  • Requires less dwell time to seal.

Polyolefin Shrink film can have customize characteriscs. It depends on what the percentage of PE or PO in the film itself.

Salesman selling Shrinkwrapping Vs Overwrapping


  • 3 sealing lines
  • Polyolefin or PVC Shrinkfilm.
  • 3 to 4 inches scrap. The film can be slightly bigger and it will shrink to the product dimensions.
  • Perforated Film – Less barrier property.
  • film has strong tensile strength, not easy to open.
  • Need shrink tunnel to shrink wrap the plastic. The product exposes the heat from the tunnel.
  • Can wrap any shape.
  • tall products tend to have dog ears.


  • Envelope Seals
  • BOPP film
  • No scrap. The film size must be exact.
  • The product must have 8 corners (Box form)
  • Need change over when the product size is different.
  • Overwrapping has barrier property –¬†cigarette and perfume products usually use it.
  • easy to open from the envelop seals.
  • No tunnel heating is required. Only short timing of contact heating to seal the Opp film.