PE Shrink Film

PE shrink film normally is used for bundling especially heavy products. We usually see this when it uses to bundle soft drink. Why PE is used instead of PVC or POF? Compared with PVC, PE is stronger in terms of puncture resistance. Compared with POF, PE is relatively cheap and printing on the film is possible.



How to shrinkwrap Hamper.

Normally we shrinkwrap Hamper by PVC shrinkable film. Of course, we can use Polyolefin if we want to help the environment. However, PVC is very easy to use. It normally is thickness (more than 25 micron) and when using the hot air blower, it is not easy to be torn. On the other hand, POF normally is 15 to 19 micron, if the operator is not familiar on the process, the changes to get the film torn is high.
PVC normally has better optic compared with POF, it is more glossy and make the hampers more presentable.