About me

I was technically trained to perform an Engineering job. Most of the time, i was troubleshooting machines and did not interact with other people. I was rather reticent, impatient, insociable and shy.

However, I admired salesmen as they gave me the impression that they were sociable, resourceful, presentable and knowledgeable. I wanted to be one of them.

As all the prerequisite for being a great salesman were antithetically to my characteristic. Most of my friends did not encourage me to work as a salesman. However the desire to be a salesman was too great, I decided to break the golden rule. A quiet and shy person could be a great salesman too.

In this blog, i would share my experience on the salesman job and hope that those wanted to be a salesman can use it as a reference. In fact, everybody can be a great salesman, provided he has ardent desire to sell.

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