The Advantages and Disadvantages of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Shrink Film


  • Soft Shrink Capabilities – Lower Shrink tension.
  • Optics / Appearances – provides transparent clarity, gloss and sparkler, enhances product appearance.
  • Machineability – Stiffer film and easier to work on machine.
  • Work on Candles – Does not have wet look after shrinkwrapped.
  • Cheaper Price


  • Seal Integrity – Relatively weak heat sealing
  • Smoke / Odor – The fumes from the sealing is not healthy to workers.
  • Corrosive – The machine can get rusty easier.
  • Low Abuse Resistance – Easier break during handling / transportation.

Polyolefin’s characteristic between PE and PP film.

PolyolefinShrink Film has the characteristic betweeen Polyethylene and Polypropylene film.

Polythylene (PE)

  • Relatively soft
  • Might be cross-linked.
  • Higher Haze as more additives are required.
  • Better Elasticity and shrink memory.
  • More dwell time to seal. Limited speed capacity.

Polypropylene Film (PP Film)

  • Stiffer film and improve machineability.
  • Non cross-linked.
  • Better optic, adhession of ink, label.
  • Requires less dwell time to seal.

Polyolefin Shrink film can have customize characteriscs. It depends on what the percentage of PE or PO in the film itself.

Salesman selling Shrinkwrapping Vs Overwrapping


  • 3 sealing lines
  • Polyolefin or PVC Shrinkfilm.
  • 3 to 4 inches scrap. The film can be slightly bigger and it will shrink to the product dimensions.
  • Perforated Film – Less barrier property.
  • film has strong tensile strength, not easy to open.
  • Need shrink tunnel to shrink wrap the plastic. The product exposes the heat from the tunnel.
  • Can wrap any shape.
  • tall products tend to have dog ears.


  • Envelope Seals
  • BOPP film
  • No scrap. The film size must be exact.
  • The product must have 8 corners (Box form)
  • Need change over when the product size is different.
  • Overwrapping has barrier property – cigarette and perfume products usually use it.
  • easy to open from the envelop seals.
  • No tunnel heating is required. Only short timing of contact heating to seal the Opp film.

Sales Agent and Sales Employee

If you work for a company as a salesman, you would perform better if you think that you were a sales agent rather than a sales employee.

As a sales agent, you are dealing with both seller and buyer. You are negotiating with both parties in order to get the sales done. You do not feel the seller should have the obligation to support you. When something goes wrong, you will be patient to deal with it.

On the other hand, if you think yourself as a sales employee, you expect the management should always give you a full support to you so that you can compete in the market. When you do not get what you expected from the management, you would easily lost your motivation.

For example, when your account department is blocking the delivery due to some small payment issue. The small payment issue could be insufficient invoice and the customer side can not issue the cheque. Your account side sees the overdue payment and does not allow the delivery.

If you think yourself as a sales agent, you will negotiate with both parties. You would approach the customer and find out the soonest the cheque could be ready, perhaps you would ask for email confirmation from the customer side. After that you would negotiate the seller, showing all the payment history, and the commitment from the customer on this payment.

If you think yourself as a sales employee, you would start blaming all the supporting staff for not getting the problem solved. You would be lack of initiative and let the supporting staff to sort it out. When things go to the wrong way, you could be upset and think to work for other employer.

Based on the above example, it would be better if you can always think yourself as a sales agent.

Too much competitions, look for new customers and enjoy the exploring

When there are many competitors are targeting the same customers. Even though you have got the sales, this sales will not last long. As the customers have too many choices, they are getting more demanding. You are always being threaten if you do not follow the customers’ demand. Example, the customers are always expecting better price, shorter lead time, more free samples, fewer Minimum order quantity, longer payment term and etc. When you are at this situation, it is time you give up these customers and look for new one.

With new customers, the rule of doing sales is not yet defined. You can have better profit margin, payment term, higher Minimum order quantity etc. These will make your life easier.

Looking for new customers need a lot of cold calling. Cold calling skill is a must for every salesman. The salesman always feel reluctance to do cold calling for the beginning. Once you make more calling, you will start to gain the momentum and can’t stop calling. Once you are at this stage, you will enjoy the cold calling and become excited when you have the chance to choose who to call and meet, which company to visit and which industry to explore. This has make the job more exciting and you just can’t stop it.

Char Kuey Teow and Salesmanship

Char Kuey Teow and Salesmanship

Photograph Source: Pixdaus

I used to think that to be a great salesman, he needs to have 3 Competency Components. There are market knowledge, product (usage)knowledge and customer selling skills. No doubt, with these 3 competency components, he / she has the potential to be stand out in the market.

Some people were in the market for more than a few decades, after many years of experience, they have gained the 3 competency components. They just do not stand out from the crowd. What are they lacking of? Some salesmen do not have these components, they make a lot of contributions to the company and become a outstanding salesmen.

This is similar to Char Kuey Teow.  If you look at the ingredients of Char Kuey Teow, it does not have expensive things in it. Most of the ingredients are cheap and can be easily found in the supermarket. The secret to make it delicious is the big fire and timing to act.

When doing sales, a salesman needs to have a strong desire to sell, and he knows when to act. A strong desire is like big fire burns off any obstacle. He has the courage to approach potential customers even though the persons are not approachable. The right timing to ask, quote and follow up will make the sales.

As a conclusion, when you are looking for a good salesman, you need to analysis the person if he / she has a strong burning desire and the subconscious when to act.