Shrink Film Thickness

Polyolefin Shrink Film in Roll form

Normally Center Fold Polyolefin Shrink Film has a few standard thicknesses and lengths as below:

15 micron thickness X 1332m Length
19 micron thickness X 1067m Length
25 micron thickness X 800m Length

The combination of thickness and length makes the film roll has an outer diameter of 10″, which can fit into most of the Shrinkwrapping machines.

The following is the advantages and disadvantages of thiner and thicker films.

1. Thin Film ( 15 micron and below)

a) reduce carbon footprint. Better for the environment.
b) More economical. Cheaper cost / pack.
c) Longer in length, reduce machines changeover.
d) Longer in length, reduce inventory, less carton box and core.

2. Thicker film (19 micron and above)

a) stronger sealing strength
b) better tensile strength
c) Generally less static. Better machinerity.
d) Easier machine setting.

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