Polyolefin Shrink Film PP or PE based.

Polyolefin Shrink Film is a mixture of PP and PE material in the film. When PE is more in the film, it is normally called PE based shrink film. If the PP is more, it is called PP based. For those PE based polyolefin shrink film, cross-linked sometime is added so that the film has a better property in terms of tensile strength and sealing strength.

PP based polyolefin shrink film normally has better clarity and machinerity. The sealing time normally shorter and when there is a high speed requirement, PP based polyolefin shrink film is normally selected.

Salesman selling Shrinkwrapping Vs Overwrapping


  • 3 sealing lines
  • Polyolefin or PVC Shrinkfilm.
  • 3 to 4 inches scrap. The film can be slightly bigger and it will shrink to the product dimensions.
  • Perforated Film – Less barrier property.
  • film has strong tensile strength, not easy to open.
  • Need shrink tunnel to shrink wrap the plastic. The product exposes the heat from the tunnel.
  • Can wrap any shape.
  • tall products tend to have dog ears.


  • Envelope Seals
  • BOPP film
  • No scrap. The film size must be exact.
  • The product must have 8 corners (Box form)
  • Need change over when the product size is different.
  • Overwrapping has barrier property –¬†cigarette and perfume products usually use it.
  • easy to open from the envelop seals.
  • No tunnel heating is required. Only short timing of contact heating to seal the Opp film.