Too much competitions, look for new customers and enjoy the exploring

When there are many competitors are targeting the same customers. Even though you have got the sales, this sales will not last long. As the customers have too many choices, they are getting more demanding. You are always being threaten if you do not follow the customers’ demand. Example, the customers are always expecting better price, shorter lead time, more free samples, fewer Minimum order quantity, longer payment term and etc. When you are at this situation, it is time you give up these customers and look for new one.

With new customers, the rule of doing sales is not yet defined. You can have better profit margin, payment term, higher Minimum order quantity etc. These will make your life easier.

Looking for new customers need a lot of cold calling. Cold calling skill is a must for every salesman. The salesman always feel reluctance to do cold calling for the beginning. Once you make more calling, you will start to gain the momentum and can’t stop calling. Once you are at this stage, you will enjoy the cold calling and become excited when you have the chance to choose who to call and meet, which company to visit and which industry to explore. This has make the job more exciting and you just can’t stop it.